Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bye Bye Lindsay!

I am not happy or sad that Lindsay Lohan is going back to jail. I think she needs to really just be put on a deserted island somewhere for 1 yr so she can think about how many chances people have given her and how she should turn her life around.
She seems to be desperate to want to be famous or "accepted" into the in crowd lifestyle. People mention her name and they are either shaking their heads or tsk tsk'ing her. Parents groan & younger people laugh at her. You can only give someone so many chances.

Let's hope it really is 120 days in jail.

Monday, February 14, 2011

5 Things That I hated about the Grammys

Let's just get right into this....

1) Lady GaGa's performance.... I happened to hear her new song on Itunes earlier that day & thought to myself, 'Wow, this song is too much like Madonna & too much electronica' Also, her vocals were pitchy as Randy Jackson would say & all around not very good. When she won for Best Pop Performance, she thanked Whitney Houston because she always pictured her singing that song because she never imagined herself singing it, she proclaimed. WHAAAAAAAAATTTTTT???

2) The Smith Family.... I'm sorry but does any seem to think Will Smith and his family are annoying? I was told by a friend that Willow Smith proclaimed on the red carpet that 'all the Smiths have great confidence" when asked why it seemed like she has such great confidence... Don't try to make kids like Willow & Jaden some sort of musical prodigy. I can't stand obnoxious kids who act like they're know-it-alls. Also, hated when the camerman kept getting shots of Will & Jada in the audience proud of their son, which I'm not knocking they shouldn't be, but don't overdue it CBS.

3) Standing O's... Once again, it baffles me how the music industry determines who gets a standing O after a performance.. B.o.B, Bruno Mars & Janelle Monae: All talented in their own right but not so good performing last night yet a standing O.... Lady Antebellum sing eventually the winner of Song & Record of The Year and No standing O....Justin Bieber & Usher dance around like robots & sound mediocre, standing O.... Gwyneth Paltrow & Cee-Lo (black Elton John performing with the Muppets), a standing O..... John Mayer, Norah Jones & Keith Urban perform, No standing O... Eminem could get up to walk to the bathroom and he gets a Standing O...Bob Dylan, who is a legend I know, sounded like the worst I have ever heard. And it wasn't his usually sucking but his voice was so hoarse and froggy, it was embarrassing yet Standing O...... Theory is: Legends get Standing O's whether they stink or not, young black artists get Standing O's, even relatively unknowns like Esperanza Spalding (in my opinion is so talented that she could have won all the awards) and country artists usually do not...(Didn't see one for Miranda Lambert or Muse either)

4) Boring & Too long.... Usually the performances are memorable & sometimes even blow you away... Not this year, vocals were off and the songs were kind of boring... I fell alseep and woke up to people screaming for Eminem after winning the Best Rap album.. I thought for a second he may have won Album of the Year because it was just abut 11pm but they went to break and said More to come with.... At that point, I shut the TV off and went to bed...

5) J-Lo....She looked utterly bored and since she was in the front row, the camera kept panning past her.. If you're going to sit in the front row, put on a fake smile even though she was probably thinking, "Everyone of you would be voted off Idol because you stink", and just enjoy the show....

That's all for now....

Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Black Friday Experience

Who doesn't want bargains? But who wants to get up at 2am in the morning to get the deals for when stores open at 3am? NOT ME!!

So instead, I got up as if I was going to work and got out on the road around 7ish with my mom along. I head out to Dartmouth, MA where almost every store that had a sale was located. I was surprised to see not very many cars on the road until we hit the heart of Rte 6 in Dartmouth. First stop, TARGET!!!

Target's parking lot was pretty full and people weren't even bothering to look for spots because they were parking along the road even before the lot began. I said, "Screw that" and found a spot a few aisles away from the entrance. The lines were quite long and people's baskets were pretty full. Our mission was to find some Wii games my nephew wanted.

There were 3 Target employees standing around the electronics department talking about who the hell knows but they didn't seem very anxious to help anyone. I asked the young girl if she knew if they had a "build-it wii remote by Lego" and she looked at me like I had 2 heads. Her response was, "uh I don't know but you should ask the cashiers because they would know" Well, wouldn't you think she would know since she was working in that department? And if I had asked one of the cashiers I would have had to wait about 1/2 hr. So instead I ask this young guy and he walked over to the remotes looked once and went over and asked the same stupid girl who I asked. He comes back to me and says No, we don't. Obviously her opinion changed from 'I don't know' to 'No'. Found out later that it is sold exclusively at Toys R Us.

Next stop, Dick's Sporting Goods where it was dead as anything. Maybe because their coupons were spend $150 and get a $25 gift card or Buy $75 and get 5% off. Well maybe not that much off but our main reason was to search for duck shoes. No one sells them in stores anymore. Yes, they sell the boots but not the shoes. Oh yes, Land's End & LL Bean sell them for $85 & up but really? Too much.

So we drive off to the Mall. Parking was easy and as we happily set off to enter, a family of loons is walking out the entrance. I say Loons because that is the nicest word I can think of. It first got my attention at , "Shut the F Up". I couldn't tell if it was a father or some random guy but this man told this teenager to,"Shut the F Up" and then as a woman had her arm around this young girl, she spewed back, "F You" and another girl got in on it and shouted, "You shut the F Up" and then he shouted, "Shut the F Up". It was quite the scene. So anyway, after we recovered from our shock, we entered the mall and this security guard was walking briskly towards the Loons. Then all of a sudden 3 other security guards talking in their 2 ways were walking briskly towards the entrance. I should have filmed it and posted it on here but I didn't want to waste my time. That started us off with a bang.

Next stores, OLYMPIA - bought nothing, OLD NAVY - got some bargains for the kids, MACY's.. Let me tell you about MACY's. They always screw you over with the coupons they send you. Get 20% off when you spend $50. That doesn't sound bad does it? Well, if you flip the coupons over, it reads Excludes: Everyday Values, specials, Super Buys, cosmetics, fragrances, electrics & electronics, furniture, designer handbags, watches, Coach, Dooney & Burke, Levi's, Lacoste, Polo, Waterford Crystal, etc Basically any famous brand name you can think of is on the back. So my mom buys me a present for xmas and she tries to use one of the other coupons that they put in the Thanksgiving Day paper. The young man tells us, "Oh Sorry, you cannot use any of the coupons on the Early Bird specials" WHAAATTTTTTTTT?? Isn't the whole point of Black Friday, getting up early and shop for the early bird specials? Why put out the coupons in the newspaper and then say you can't use them? MACY's is good every once in a blue moon but on the most part, they will screw you when it counts. I also think it depends on the store and the salesperson. Some let you use it and others do not.

JC PENNY - Nothing, SEARS - Nothing, BATH & BODY - a little somethin' somethin'.

We left that mall and went to KOHL's. That place was crazy as well and I bought a few things there and the lines were ridiculous but because KOHL's is so well organized, the lines moved so quick, you didn't have to wait long at all. CHRISTMAS TREE SHOP - not that crowded but next time, if you have a coupon, extend it through Noon at least.

Lunch finally. 5 GUYS BURGERS & FRIES takeout. Drive home and rest up for my 2nd wind. TJ MAXX, WALMART and B&N. Done!

Except for the Loons & MACY's, it was all in all, a pretty good experience...

Oops I almost forgot the best deal of the day! the GAP had 50% the entire store until 10am. How cool is that? That was the best deal of the day. More stores should have stepped up to the plate like the GAP because it was well worth waiting 20 minutes in line to get to the counter..

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rhea's Inn & Restaurant - 4/27/10 - Review

Driving down West Main Rd., I have passed Rhea's many times, not even considering to stop in but today was another story. Advertised as "The Best Kept Secret in Newport", three of us from my workplace decided we would venture to this inn on the highway for lunch.
As we entered the bar/dining area, the two employees looked shocked that we had entered the place, as if to say, "Oh we actually have a customer?" The woman told told us we could sit anywhere we wanted so we chose a table by the window facing the street. The woman was very pleasant & took out drink orders. Breakfast is served till 1pm and the lunch menu is basic.
I ordered a Italian grinder w/out onions & fries, K. ordered two eggs & corned beef hash & J ordered a chef salad. My roll was really soft and didn't have the usual hard grinder crunch to it which I enjoyed. K. said her breakfast plate was really tasty and J's salad was good. The only complaint was that our waitress was the cook as well and she took too much time in between refilling our drinks.
I enjoyed my meal and for $8, my meal might have been a tad overpriced but it was good. All in all, I would say, try Rhea's out because the food and service are pretty damn good.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Seinfeld Bloopers - Season 6 (1/3)

Just wanted to share some memories of my favorite show of all time.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Why couldn't Fox leave Glee on Wednesday nights when it comes back for its Spring return on April 13th? No, I had to hear about it from my friend Sharon at a bar where I almost spit out my drink in her face!
C'mon Fox! I have my set shows each night. Now Lost is in its final season and I always have to get my Lost fix live not taped. Glee will now be moving to Tuesday nights after American Idol. Yeah well, Idol is on Wednesdays too, isn't it?
And some people right about now are thinking, well why can't I DVR or record it right? Well, because I actually can't afford cable and my TV is old so I have the digital converter. Well, the digital converter does not allow you to watch one program and tape something else on a different channel. So yes, my life is a little sad & pathetic.
So this is my public plea to FOX, please move it back to its original timeslot on Wednesday nights so I can watch my GLEE.